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Block S is predominately used as a teaching venue on campus. The Aistriuchan Suite can be found on its ground floor which is used for editing and translating Irish language texts and scripts.

See room list is at the bottom of this page.
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Directions and GPS:

Block S is on South campus. It is across from Block D and in between Áras na Mac Léinn and the Arts/ Science Concourse. 

Location Coordinates:
53°27'87.2"N 9°05'99.5"W

Student Calendar:

What's Inside This Building?:

Rooms    Social    Catering    Offices

Recording Studio

Room 1

Room 102

Room 103

Room 104

Room 105

Room 106

Room 216-218

Map of the building:

Ground Floor


Fun Facts:

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There is a computer suite in Block S and it is commonly used for teaching  postgraduate students.
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