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Voluntary Services Abroad Fundraising Drive

Support the valuable work of Voluntary Abroad Society with the partner hospitals in Malawi and Zambia.

Your donations will go directly to purchase life saving equipment in their partner medical centres.

Each year VSA sends 3rd and 4th year Medical Students to their partner institutions for a month-long elective. 

Last year 27 student visited 3 medical centres and raised over €35,000 to provide valuable equipment and supplies in consultation with their partner institutions in Malawi and Zambia. 

Volunteers are recruited in September and receive indepth pre departure training before undertaking thei electives. The students pay for all their travel expenses themselves and their fundraising goes directly to the institutions they visit. See Photos below.

Donate here

Socs feb 20th.jpg

Mpongwe Mission Hospital

Mpongwe Mission Hospital Sign.jpg
Mpongwe Hospital Commute.jpg
Mpongwe Antenatal Ward.jpg

Saint Francis' Hospital


Mzuzu Central Hospital

Mzuzu Hospital.jpg
Mzuzu Staff_edited.jpg
Malawi copy_edited.jpg
Lilongwe Airport.jpg
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