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Schedule of Events 
4th - 10th March 2024

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Discussion on Gender and Migration: What It Means To Be A Woman Seeking Asylum in Ireland

Beyond Borders Society - Monday 4 March 4PM - The Stage

Trigger warnings: Racism, Xenophobia, Asylum seeker experience, Direct provision

Diana Lakelo Siwela is a dedicated community and human rights activist.Having personally experienced the direct provision system, Diana is committed to amplifying the voices of marginalised communities and ensuring their stories are shared.She believes in the power of storytelling and uses it as a tool to raise awareness and create positive change. As a global citizen educator, she plays a crucial role in promoting human rights education and empowering individuals to take action and become advocates for change.

International Perspectives on Reproductive Rights and Healthcare

IGHN & Women in Med - Monday 4 March 6PM - IT202 

Trigger warnings: Abortion, miscarriage, pregnancy, childbirth 

Multi speaker discussion on Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Healthcare internationally.Students from the International Global Health Network and Women in Med will discuss their case-studies on these topics followed by a Q&A session. 

Movie Night: voter’s choice

Monday 4 March 8PM - AC002

Come along to AC002 to watch Hidden Figures with us whilst enjoying the yummy refreshments we will be providing! 



MFest Menstrual Exhibition 

MFest - Tuesday 5 March 1PM - Áras na Mac Léinn 

Trigger warnings: Misogyny, Sexism, Blood

The M.FEST Menstrual School explores the cultural, historical, and scientific aspects of menstruation, showcasing the evolution of attitudes, rituals, and products related to this natural phenomenon. Through interactive exhibits, multimedia displays, and engaging narratives, visitors gain a deeper understanding of the significance of menstruation and women's health in shaping identities and encouraging social perspectives.

Breaking Gender Shells: Gender Expression Workshop

Slug Society - Tuesday 5 March 2PM - The Space

Gender expression workshop where we will create slugsonas using magazine clippings to dress up a printed outline of a slug. Slugs are hermaphrodites making them a neutral canvas to explore gender expression with in a light hearted way.  


Discussion on Feminist Lawyering and Judging

FLAC - Tuesday 5 March 4PM - CA110 (Whitaker Seminar Room Cairnes Building)

Trigger warnings: Misogyny, Sexism

Panel discussion on Feminist lawyering and judging. Speakers include Maëlle Noir, Dr Ekatarina Yahyaoui Krivenko, and Dr Jurgita Bukauskaite, all of whom have carried out academic research in the areas of human rights and different areas of gender studies. The panelists will explore what this title means and what they have explored through their research on feminist lawyering praxis. There will be a space provided for the audience to bring in their questions. 


Discussion on Period Poverty in Conflict Zones 

Solidarity with Palestine Society - Tuesday 5 March 6PM - AC202

Trigger warnings: Violence, Racism, Misogyny, Conflict, War, Blood, experience of persons with disabilities 

Discussion on period poverty in conflict zones. Speakers include Amanie Issa who will discuss their experiences on gender and disability in Palestine.

ESN Fem Fest Table Quiz!

ESN - Tuesday 5 March 7PM - Sult 

Join Fem Soc and the Erasmus Student Network for a table quiz in Sult! Attendees are invited to embrace “journée de la joupe” and to wear skirts to the event, regardless of your gender. Journée de la Jupe originated in France where students wore skirts to spread awareness about social issues like sexism, gender inequality, and overcoming gender norms and stereotypes. 


Bites and Brews: coffee morning 

Baking Society - Wednesday 6 March 11AM - The Space 

Join Baking and Fem Soc for a Coffee Morning and the chats in the Space from 11-12:30! We’ll have pastries, tea, coffee and themed cupcakes from Goyas Bakery for everyone to enjoy. All are welcome!


Discussion on Eco-Feminism in the 21st century

Enviro Soc - Wednesday 6 March 2PM - The Space 

A discussion and Q & A with feminist leaders working in the field of climate justice in different ways. Speakers include Molly Hickey, current University of Galway SU sustainability officer, Gesche Kindermann from the Centre for Environmental Science and Joyce Mathias from the Galway Green Party. 

Speaker: Dr Marie Cassidy, former (and first female) Irish State Pathologist

Wednesday 6 March 6PM - AC201

Trigger warnings: Death, Gender-Based Violence

Professor Marie Cassidy was the first woman to become Irish State pathologist and held the position from 2014 - 2018.She will discuss her experience as a woman in pathology and her professional experiences with issues such as gender based violence.  Professor Cassidy will be joining us on zoom. Pizza and refreshments will be provided. 

Dance Workshop with Bevel & Embody

Dance Soc - Wednesday 6 March 8PM - The Cube, Áras na Mac Léinn.

Dance class with Bevel & Embody providing a safe and supportive environment for women and gender minorities to dance and feel comfortable in their own skins. Come with us to claim back “feeling sexy”, without being labeled provocative and simply feeling empowered in our bodies for ourselves and no one else.


‘I thought it was love’ card installation 

Rosita Kingston - Thursday 7 March 1PM - The large Acoustic Room

Trigger warnings: Intimate Partner violence, Coercive Control, Emotional abuse, Domestic abuse, Sexual abuse, psychological abuse, love bombing, Mental health

This installation by artist, Rosita Kingston, consists of the collection of hand made cards exchanged between Rosita and her (now ex) husband over the 30 years they were together. In the course of that relationship, Rosita became the victim of domestic abuse, in the form of coercive control and sexual exploitation. Revisiting the card collection showed Rosita what she could not see clearly when inside the relationship. It is a visual representation of what the relationship was actually based on - not love, but objectification, ownership, sexual obsession, ultimately isolation. “I woke up to the reality of the relationship. That reality was in the cards all along, literally. The love bombing began with the first and largest card (framed). I was 22. He was 37. This exhibit is deeply personal. I show it, to raise awareness. I know this story is not mine alone."


Are they #toointoyou? Workshop with Women’s Aid

Women’s Aid - Thursday 7 March 2PM - The View 

Trigger warnings: Domestic abuse, intimate partner violence, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, coercive control, relationship abuse, love bombing, gaslighting, mental health, psychological abuse

Everyone deserves to have a happy and healthy relationship. But sometimes it’s hard to know what’s ok and what’s not. Join the #TooIntoYou workshop from Women’s Aid to learn about relationships, the good, the bad and the in between. Facilitated by Mary Hayes, Too Into You Project Lead.


Panel Discussion: Tackling Gender Based Violence in the 21st Century

Thursday 7 March 6PM - IT204

Trigger warnings: Gender based violence, Rape, Sexual assault, misogyny, sexism

For this panel discussion, speakers from Women’s Aid, COPE Galway, and the Galway Rape Crisis Centre will discuss the challenges and achievements of their respective organisations in tackling gender based violence in the 21st century.



Friday 8 March All Day - Your local polling station

As stated by the National Women’s Council “Sexist, stereotypical language has no place in our Constitution and is representative of a time when women were treated like second-class citizens. The current definition of family, which only recognises those which exist within the bonds of marriage, is shaming and stigmatising to the countless families who exist outside of marriage, yet are not recognised or protected by our Constitution.” The Irish Constitution is our values documented - we believe that they should reflect the expanding, inclusive, and welcoming society that we aspire to create for all the world to see. Vote Yes Yes and take control of your constitution. 

Poster Making  

Friday 8 March 4PM - The Art Room

Join us to get creative and enthusiastic by designing and painting our own posters for our annual Reclaim the Night march. Supplies will be provided.

Reclaim the Night March 

Queer Feminist Action Day Group - Friday 8 March 6PM - Eyre Square 

On March 8th at 6pm we will march from Eyre Square to the Spanish Arch for ‘Reclaim The Night’ demanding an end to the high rates of sexual harrassment and gender based violence against women, girls and marginalised genders. We invite you to join us in an act of solidarity, empowerment and inclusivity. It is our birth right to walk safe and secure streets! Reclaim the night!

Post Reclaim the Night Party and celebration

Queer Feminist Action Day Group - Friday 8 March 8PM - Sult

To wrap up the events of International Women’s Day and the Reclaim the Night March, we will be joining other Galway Feminist organisations to dance the night away! An event not to be missed. 


Galway Baroque Singers Concert

Galway Baroque Singers - Sunday 10 March 5PM - Emily Anderson Concert Hall in the Aula Maxima 

This concert will feature a mix of music ranging from Fanny Mendelssohn to the social justice masterpiece ‘Credo’ by Margaret Bonds, a POC American composer who passed away in the 1970s. Many female composers have been erased from history so many of the pieces the GBS will perform will be an Irish premiere. Dr Lyndsey Callaghan, Head of Programmes and Research at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, will appear as a guest conductor for the special event.

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