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Wrap is a self-management and recovery system developed by a group of people who had mental health difficulties and who were struggling to incorporate wellness tools and strategies into their lives.

WRAP® is for anyone who wants to create positive change in the way they feel or increase their enjoyment in life, it can support with transitions and in particular the transition back to college for students. In WRAP there is the potential to make a connection with your peers which you can carry forward into the academic year. 

Creidim our peer support group provides connection and peer support in an environment that is caring and supportive. Creidim is unique as it was developed by students out of the desire for them to continue the connection and peer-support they experienced over the two days attendance at WRAP® Seminar 1.

The plan empowers you to take control of your physical and mental health and overall wellness. WRAP can help reduce feelings of discomfort and improve an individual’s self-awareness.

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