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University of Galway Student Pantry 

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What is the Student Pantry? 

The Student Pantry is a pilot initiative developed to encourage more sustainable food choices whilst helping to combat food wastage. As a group, we have been working alongside a community group in Co. Donegal- Clonmany Community Centre and FoodCloud, a national social enterprise. It is through these links that we have been able to adapt Clonmany's very successful Community Pantry model to suit the student environment. FoodCloud have enabled our pantry to collect surplus food stock from locally assigned supermarkets in Galway City. 

The Student Pantry will be open to the entire University Community (and possibly beyond), and we encourage everyone to get involved and make use of this space. It is a wonderful space where sharing of information, produce, and learning takes place. The Student Pantry is replenished weekly and live updates will be posted on Instagram to revel all the new items arriving. 

What are the opening hours?

Follow us on social ,media while we confirm our term time timetable.

Where does the Pantry food come from?

FoodCloud is a national social enterprise and foodcloud have created links for our pantry to collect food stock from local supermarkets who may have surplus foods, foods with damaged packaging, end of line items or foods that are nearing their best before dates.

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