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Also on this week March 4th...

 Fem Fest 2024
4 - 9 March 2024

Click on the above to see our schedule of events, the definitions of the terms you've seen on our posters around campus and to learn more about our current campaigns!


This year, the University of Galway Feminist Society (Fem Soc!) is launching Fem Fest 2024! The week of discussion, information and social events includes International Women's Day (also the date set for the referendum to amend Articles 41 and 41.2 of the Constitution). Fem Fest aims to promote the importance of feminism in the 21st century and encourage the student and staff body in the university to question what feminism means to them and what a world without the need for feminism could look like. 

Fem Fest will be an intersectional and inclusive event hosting a range of organisations and university societies, including speakers experienced in gender based violence, period poverty, gender and migration, reproductive rights, feminist lawyering and ecofeminism to name a few. Professor Marie Cassidy, the first woman to be Irish State Pathologist, will be among those sharing with us their experiences in these fields. There will also be a range of social events and workshops for attendees to enjoy including a table quiz, dance classes, coffee mornings, film screenings and art installations. 


On Friday, March 8th, we will march from Eyre Square to the Spanish Arch for ‘Reclaim The Night’ demanding an end to the high rates of sexual harrassment and gender based violence against women, girls and marginalised genders. We invite you to join us in an act of solidarity, empowerment and inclusivity and to claim back our right to walk safely in our streets. 

Through these events, we hope to share with the community the continued importance of feminism in the 21st century and beyond and to promote the benefits of a more inclusive and accepting society. 

Fem Fest 2024 is sponsored by the University of Galway Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Project Fund and Bank of Ireland. We are eternally grateful to our sponsors and to the University of Galway Societies Office (especially Riona Hughes) for making this event happen.

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