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Volunteering Abroad this Summer

Here are some useful guidelines, read and reflect on the Comhlamh Volunteer Charter, reflect on what it means to volunteer abroad, understand culture shock and the importance of cultural sensitivity, check out the useful linkis.
Fiill in the Volunteer form, look at the information on safety in the country you are visiting. Check out the links and be prepared. Attend the pre-departure safety training.


Click on the maps below to get safety advice for the country you are visiting from Eurocheck from your pre departure training.
VSA Volunteers fill in this forms by May 1st or departure if earlier. You can edit afterwards.

VSA Code of Volunteering & Giving


Do Not

  • Bring out of date medication

  • Act as a practicing clinician

  • Give sweets and sugary food to children

  • Make promises to individuals

  • Do not make throw away comments 



  • Read the guidelines for students taking electives

  • Submit your elective handbook by two weeks prior to departure

  • Register with the dept of foreign affairs one week before you depart


Gift Giving

  • Give gifts to partner institution not individuals (give to host/organisations  to distribute)

  • Well meaning donations can have a negative impact

  • Your gift to an individual may be perceived as favouritism

  • Do not bring things that can be purchased there

  • Do not make independent donations (reactionary gift) stop and think everything has a consequence.

  • Check the organisation in terms of their own governance

Useful Links

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