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Extra-curricular Website restored

We are delighted to announce that we have restored YourSpace and the Societies Website



If you had accessed YourSpace prior to the cyber-attack you can simply login with your ID & password, Any work you had started on awards or peer support/mentoring/class rep platforms etc have been restored for you. If you had not ever logged into YourSpace follow the instruction on the website to create your student account. Note work is on going to iron out any problems and you can contact for help. Next week from 1pm - 2pm Tuesday - Thursday you can virtually drop into the YourSpace Virtual Clinic from 12pm - 2pm at this link  or call in person to the SocsBox it is open from 10am - 8pm Monday - Thursday and 10am - 5pm on Fridays in Aras na Mac Leinn.


What is YourSpace?

YourSpace is your student portal for joining Societies, Club, Volunteering, Class Reps, Student's Union Services, Mentoring, Peer Support, Lift, Your personal calendar and loads more! Plus measure your progress, apply for awards and much more! 


This is where you join Societies & Clubs and register to attend events and complete your COVID Declaration. Due to COVID-19 there are restriction on numbers attending in-person events so you can register for any events and also un-register, if you can no longer attend and make your place available for another student on a waiting list. 


In YourSpace you can change your contact details, find a selection of helpful e-modules and it also creates a personalised calendar for everything you have joined, you can even add your own events. 


Check out the YourSpace video here

Societies Website

On the societies website you will find the calendar of events, if you see an event either in-person or virtual that you like the sound of you simply log into YourSpace and join the society you will then have access to the virtual link or be able to register to attend. You will also find news, society posters and info such as how to set up a new society. 


If you are on a society committee you are now able to a access the dashboard and manage your membership, add new committee members, add your events to the calendar, create virtual events, access on-line training, your finances, awards and health and safety documentation.


Room Booking in Aras na Mac Leinn. 

The website is back so you can now not only see what rooms are available you can also log in with your ID & password to book the rooms. There are piano rooms, music rehearsal rooms, dance studios, art room, meeting rooms, rehearsal rooms, a relaxation room and a room with a massage chair! Go to this link for information on how to book rooms. Note due to COVID-19 there are health and safety restriction on the use of the rooms which must be adhered to.


The Hub

The Hub is open 9am - 6pm Monday - Friday with microwaves and comfortable chairs, plus on Fridays and Saturdays during term time there is organised activity. Friday 4pm - 6pm is the Global lounge a great way to meet people and kickstart your weekend. The Saturday Snack & Stroll explores a new part of Galway each week meet at the HUB at 11am and head off on an adventure, lunch included. The Hub also hosts evening events so keep an eye on the society calendar for events. link here



The societies webstore is now fully operational so societies can manage their ticket sales and student and staff can log in to purchase tickets you will find it at this link

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