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Students travelling with VSA Summer 2017

Complete before traveling

VSA Code of Volunteering & Giving


Do Not

  • Bring out of date medication

  • Act as a practicing clinician

  • Give sweets and sugary food to children

  • Make promises to individuals

  • Do not make throw away comments 



  • Read the guidelines for students taking electives

  • Submit your elective handbook by two weeks prior to departure

  • Register with the dept of foreign affairs one week before you depart


Gift Giving

  • Give gifts to partner institution not individuals (give to host/organisations  to distribute)

  • Well meaning donations can have a negative impact

  • Your gift to an individual may be perceived as favouritism

  • Do not bring things that can be purchased there

  • Do not make independent donations (reactionary gift) stop and think everything has a consequence.

  • Check the organisation in terms of their own governance

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