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Jerome Hynes One Act Series: Hosting five original plays by Dramsoc's own writers, the five plays have varying themes, from comedy to drama. There is something for every theatre lover. Join us in the Cube, NUIG, on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of February to see what NUIG writers and directors can do.

Good Morning Kindergarten by Alice Keane

"A made up News show, by four year olds, BY four year olds" There's 7 characters, 3 girls and 4 boys


The Accounting Incident by Conor Mc Gown

Barry is a prim and proper accountant who tries to do his job well and keep his head down. Trevor is coasting along and avoiding responsibility, but soon some strange accounts start appearing. Linda starts to put the blame on Barry and she gets Sam to keep Barry from causing any more trouble. The stress of having Sam around becomes too much for Trevor who plots to get Sam sacked but ends up being promoted by William for his ruthlessness. Meanwhile, Barry is being interrogated by Linda and Maso over the accounts. Throughout this, Linda has been plotting to overthrow William and take control of Morriscorp, leading to her killing him. Morriscorp falls into disarray and Barry and Trevor try to escape. Ending is left ambiguous. A dark comedy with some surreal elements.


The Final Piece by Luke Lawlor

The play is set entirely in one room. It focuses on the relationship of two former co-workers and the lives they once led. Past experiences are unravelled through their conflicting mind sets. It is a story of power, deceit, loyalty and betrayal.


Bazooka! By Mark Leahy

It is sometime in the 1960s. The ruler of Russia, Countess Vitzliputzli, terrorises those around her in her mania for power and domination. Worn on her feet is a man named Leopold, who is dragged mercilessly around the floor and is used as furniture. The Army General, General Stravinsky, attempts to abandon his daughter, Svetlana, with the Countess by disguising her as his son and offering her to Vitzliputzli as a more suitable General. When this fails, they must both work together under the Countess. The General tells the Countess of a young Russian girl who has invented a nuclear warhead capable of wiping out America instantly. After being abused and berated for the whole play, Leopold knocks over the Countess and usurps her authority immediately. He commands General Stravinsky to find the warhead and use it to destroy Russia, so that they all may be free from the terrible country.


3 Wasted Pigs by Óisín Ó hEartáin.

Adaptation of the Three Little Pigs. This play has been staged before as part of the theatre group Theatre Rooms and was nominated for Best Adaptation. It has been edited since to improve. Basically, it deals with the idea that the 3 pigs are junkies and the Big Bad Wolf is their dealer. You know the story of the 3 pigs and it basically follows that with a different ending. I am open to any changes you, as a committee, or a director, have to offer.


The plays will be on Wednesday the 22nd at 3pm, Thursday at 6pm and Friday at 7pm. Tickets can be bought at the Socs Box in NUIG €5 for students and €8 for non-students

Jerome Hynes one Act Plays

Of Mice and Men

Based on the classic novella written by John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men tells the tale of two great friends and their struggle to live the American dream. George and Lennie have been traveling together from ranch to ranch for years, working hard to make ends meet and save enough for a place of their own. The two are polar opposites: George is intelligent, quick and small, while Lennie is slow-minded, childlike, and giant. Though they are different, they care deeply about each other. They have been dreaming for years to save enough for a little land of their own, and when they are both hired to a new job they believe that they may finally achieve their goal. But trouble begins to brew when one of the bosses’ wife becomes too interested in the infatuated Lennie…Tragic yet beautiful, Of Mice and Men is an extremely popular play that has become a staple of American theatre.

Of Mice and Men, directed by promising director Naoise O'Beirn. The cast includes actors Cathal Ryan, Ellen Mc Bride, Shane McCormick, Robbie Walsh and Denis Haugh to name a few.

This show will run for only three performances, on the 20th, 21st and 22nd at 8pm in the Bank of Ireland Theatre. This production is sure to sell out, get your tickets from the Socs box to avoid disappointment.

Eternal Youth

Cáca Dána theatre Company, produced in association with NUIG Theatre Week


Cáca Dána Theatre Company proudly presents the Irish premier of 'Eternal Youth', by award winning playwright Niamh Ryan.

This play was originally produced by Lab Theatre in North Carolina, USA having Niamh Ryan taking home the Sam Seldon Playwrighting Award.

You will find our production in the Town Hall Studio, Galway running from the 23rd to the 25th of February at 8.30pm.

Book tickets from to avoid disappointment.

Directed by: Daniel Cronin

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