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Society Trips

You can go on trips subject to government guidelines.

If you are planning a trip any time this year you need to fill in this form now so we can ensure we have purchased sufficient insurance cover for you. This must be done by October 22nd. Otherwise we may not have sufficient cover for you members.

If your trip included hiring equipment or organising an activity with a 3rd party you will be required to provide proof of the providers insurance, this needs to be sent to with sufficient notice.

If your trip does not include hiring equipment or physical activity with a 3rd party, filling in the form below will in the most part suffice, you must submit this with enough notice so we can flag any potential problems.

Travel event form

Sell your trip tickets on the web-store and this will collect all the information you need, including student ID, Emergency Contact and any relevant medical conditions.

Members rules are at this link

This is included in the description of your trip on the web-store.


 Society Guidelines for organising the trip


 A safety officer will be appointed to ensure all procedures are adhered  to.

  • All attendees must sign that they have read and agreed to abide by the rules.

  • All members will be given a card with the safety officer’s phone number and times and location of departure.

  • The safety officer will have contact details of everyone on the bus.

  • The safety officer will have phone numbers of emergency services and local Garda Service in the case of an accident or emergency.

  • A safety statement will be made at the start of the trip to make sure all members are aware of the rules.

Bon Voyage
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