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What can I do during social distancing?


Check out the links below for the most reliable and up to date information on COVID-19! 

Below are some ideas for you, your family and friends to try out  during this time of social distancing/isolation 

  • ​Host a Netflix party with friends

  • Video Chats

  • Learn a new instrument

  • Start a cooking/baking project (or even create a cookbook for yourself)

  • Art projects -learn a new craft e.g. sewing, knitting, painting

  • Organise your clothes

  • House project - paint, restructure, clean

  • Experiment with new hairstyles/make up 

  • Online games

  • Commit to a fitness challenge

  • Game night

The possibilities are endless for this one, just let your creative juices flow and you're bound to find a hobby for yourself! 

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