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NUI Galway Recording Studio and Band Room

Terms and Conditions of Use


To use these spaces you are agreeing to the rules of the room and will be held accountable for damage and missing equipment. If there are issues or broken equipment please report it ASAP to the Societies Office. Document any messes, broken equipment, and problems via photograph to show to the Societies Office before you begin using the equipment.


Recording Studio:


NO food or drink on the desk




Respect other people’s projects - do not delete/change other’s projects


Return all equipment to where it belongs


Save everything to the hard drive, not the computer.


Band Rehearsal Room


Treat all equipment with utmost care and respect


Do not leave food or drink near the equipment


Remember to unscrew mic stands before forcing them to move to the position you want them in


Tidy cupboards and leave everything back where it belongs. Use photographs for reference


Carefully coil cables after use - remember the over-under technique (google it if you don’t!)


You will be held responsible for all broken or damaged equipment financially or otherwise. Abuse the privileges of these rooms and you will lose access to it.


If you exceed the sound level the power will cut off in the room, turn it back on by pressing the red button on the display on the wall. You can monitor your volume on the display.


Be cautious - take pictures before and after you start. Do not ignore issues you see - report them by sending the pictures to with date and time.

How to Book the Recording Studio:

Book it via the area list at the top of the room booking website see image Recording Studio is 6th from the top of the list. Put your full name in the booking. You will then be sent a password for the lock box to the left of the red store room door with the key. The key of the cabinet in the band room will be in the recording studio. Return the key to the lock box for the next user. The lock box code will be changed regularly, the only people with access with the people who completed the course. You will have access to the room until Jan 2020 unless you are still a student.

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