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SU Equality Week Nov 1st


The newly formed SU EQUALITEAM have been hard at work putting together ideas and events to make NUI Galway campus a more inclusive place. If you want to get involved in the EQUALITEAM contact Megan on


Tuesday 1st November/Dé Máirt, an 1 Samhain

6pm Discussion night with GiG (Gay in Galway) Society: Post Marriage Equality, where do we go from here? in AC214

6.30pm Shout Out screening of Pride

7pm Time Lord Society screening of Doctor Who Equality themed episodes in D’Arcy Thompson Theatre & Discussion

7pm FemSoc screening of ‘She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry’ in the Fottrell Theatre

Wednesday 2nd November/Dé Céadaoin an 4 Samhain

6pm-7pm ESN and the Students’ Union: International/Irish student meet up in AC202

Thursday 3rd November/Déardaoin an 3 Samhain

1pm Privilege walk outside Áras na Mac Léinn

2pm-4pm Equality Week Workshop with Finbar 247. Drop in at any point and be part of a creative experience around equality in Meeting Rooms 1 & 2

6.45pm Islamic Society talk: Substantive Equality for Persons with Disabilities: A Human Rights Based Approach In AMB G-O65.

All week: 8 Ways to Make Campus a More Inclusive Place Poster Campaign

  1.   We have many different people of different religious beliefs here on campus, respect them all!

  2.  Pronouns refer to whether a person likes to be referred to as she, he or they. If you’re not sure, ask someone what their pronouns are when talking to them

  3.  Start a conversation with an international student; find out about their culture and how it might be different or similar to ours.

  4.  Join an anti-hate speech campaign online, and learn how to stop hurtful and derogatory language against others.

  5.  Volunteer! It’s one of the best ways to step outside of your comfort zone and learn about the issues affecting different people in our society.

  6.   Don’t assume someone isn’t from Ireland just because of their skin colour.

  7.  Try to work offensive and derogatory terms out of your vocabulary.

  8. We are not all the same and that’s a good thing; recognise and celebrate our diversity as staff, students and human beings

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