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Would you like to make an appointment with the Community Connector?

A primary focus of the Community Connector is to work with students on an individual basis to support them to forge new social connections. You can access the service through a very simple and easy to use online self-referral system. These meetings are informal, friendly, supportive conversations around your particular interests, hobbies and what social outlets you enjoy. We can discuss how we can work together, and how the Community Connector can support you to become more socially active and involved.


While college is an exciting new time in life, it can also be overwhelming. There are numerous services and resources available to support students during their time in NUIG, some of which students might be unaware of. The Community Connector also serves as a signposting service for students, being able to direct them to these resources, but also towards activities, gigs, events, and general social interests taking place on campus, and in Galway city.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to email me:

Keep up-to-date with events and NUIG Meetups on the Community Connector Facebook page



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