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Arts and science Concourse

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The Arts/Science Concourse is home to a number of lecture halls, classrooms, labs, offices, Tower Block 1 and 2, and other services important to students including Bank of Ireland, Smokey's, Student Enquiry Centre, and The Bialann.

See room list is at the bottom of this page.

Directions and GPS:

The Concourse is a long building beside the James Hardiman Library.

Location Coordinates:
53°16'47.8"N 9°03'37.5"W

Student Calendar:

What's Inside This Building?:

Rooms    Social    Catering    Offices

Tyndall Lecture Hall

O'Flaherty Lecture Hall

Anderson Lecture Hall

D'Arcy Thompson Lecture Hall

Kirwan Lecture Hall

PHY Rooms

AC Rooms

ARC Rooms

SC Rooms

ES Rooms


Tower Block 1

Tower Block 2

River Room

Smokey's Café

Student Enquiry Centre

ISS-Information Solutions and Services

Career Development Centre

The Bialann

Bank of Ireland

Dean of the College of Science and Engineering Office

Geography Office

Law Office

Microbiology Office

History Office

Archeology Office

English Office

Map of the building:

Ground Floor: Concourse


First Floor: Concourse


Tower 1 First Floor


Tower 2 First Floor


Tower 1 Second and Third Floor


Fun Facts:

The Concourse is home to NUI Galway's Unofficial mascot, The Smokey's Pigeon who has been a big part of students experiences on the Concourse.
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