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Monday 26th

Diversity after University!

Venue: The Cube, Aras na Mac Leinn


Time: 6.45pm - 9.30pm


Doors open 6:45 for event at 7, tea and coffee reception before the event.

Our speakers include:


  • Anne Scott - Vice President for Equality and Diversity, NUIG.

  • Josephine Walsh / Ananda Geluk - Career Development Centre, NUIG.

  • Cathal Daly - Chair of Alliance - Arthur Cox.

  • Steven Muir - EA Games

  • Síona Cahill - Vice President for Equality and Citizenship, USI.

  • Stephen Barry - LGBT Network - Accenture

  • Chris Noone - of the NUIG Network, NUIG.

  • Megan Reilly - Vice President for Welfare, NUIG Student Union.


There will be a short 10 minute break between Cathal Daly and Síona Cahill.

After the speakers we will be having a diversity mixer. Some food and refreshments will be served afterwards.

Tuesday 22th:

Trans Healthcare in Ireland


Venue: The CSI Theatre on the University Theatre Grounds

Time: 6.00pm - 8.00pm

GiGSoc are collaborating with MedSoc to hold a Trans Healthcare in Ireland event with guest speakers. Topics such as the process of accessing hormones, surgery, a consent model, and the interactions between trans people and health care staff will be discussed.

Our speakers are:

Noah Halpin: Founder of the #thisisme movement, Noah continues dedicating his time to campaigning for trans healthcare.  The campaign is largely based on introducing an informed consent model for healthcare.
Jake Prunty: Active in both the Galway and wider trans community, he will be speaking about surgery options, and the barriers faced by trans people to getting adequate surgery in Ireland.

Alex Coughlan: The trans officer for GiGsoc, they run the only university safe space in Ireland. They will be speaking about the basics of trans healthcare, and interactions on the GP and nonspecific healthcare.

Cameron Keighron: Cameron is a young trans man from the West of Ireland who is studying for his masters in Regenerative Medicine. He has been working in LGBT+ activism for the past 5 years. Cameron is the current Vice Chair of AMACH! LGBT+. He is a passionate feminist who champions trans rights in rural Ireland, most recently winning a GALA for his work within sports in Ireland. Cameron will be discussing hormone treatment and how having a medical condition can effect this.

Wednesday 23rd:

Trans Feminism and Dating as a Trans Person

Venue: IT202

Time: 7-9pm

Trans feminism by Cameron Keighron - a discussion and exploration of where trans people fit into the feminist movement. How the intersections between both communities provides many benefits, and how exploration of this intersection can strengthen both the feminist movement and the trans movement.

Dating as a Trans Person by Andrew Martin - In this workshop, we’ll explore how to navigate the world of dating and relationships as a trans person. What’s it like to date at different points of transition? What about disclosing your trans identity to someone? (How do you disclose safely? How do you keep that spark when you’re getting to know someone if you’re anxious about disclosure?) What about online dating? How do you do that safely? We’ll explore casual dating and more serious relationships, as well as maintaining healthy relationships, boundaries and communication. We’ll look at sexual orientation and attraction and how to talk about it if it changes for you or a partner. We’ll also look at comfort and fun in dating and relationships. 

Thursday 1st:
Drag Race!

Venue: The Cube, Aras na MacLeinn

Time: Doors open at 6pm.


Our six contestants,

Lavanda D,

Lightning the Drag Mc Queen,

Penny Pitstop


Eyeatas, Tarte Law and Tina Parton will battle it out over four rounds in the hopes of being named NUIG's Next Drag Superstar! We will also be having a raffle on the night with some amazing prizes! All proceeds from the event will be going to Teach Solais.

Tickets must be purchased in advance on Eventbrite, more information and regular updates can be found on our Facebook page

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