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Mondays 4pm - 6.30pm SOCS_ UNBOXED Tuesd
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Mondays 4pm - 6.30pm 

Presented by Kevin & Carol 


What's happening on campus, on the web, in Ireland, reviews of films, shows, games, music etc.

Meet our special guests, join us for games and boredom busting ideas.

This Week


Monday 15th


What's happening on campus, on the web, in Ireland, and in the greater world? 

Join us this week as we talk with Classics Soc about the recent movement of toppling statues of infamous and controversial figures. Is it a slight to history or history happening live?

As ever we’ll be telling you the best online resources we’ve found for passing your time constructively and not so constructively!



Tuesdays  2pm -4.30pm

Presented by Aisling and Lily


Cookery demos, and cook alongs with the societies, find out what food is on-special in your local supermarket this week and how can you cook it. Plus health and wellness tips & Q & A and special guests from on & off campus.

This Week


Tuesday 16th:


This week Lily and Aisling will be celebrating Pride month with Bród Soc and what it means for the usual Pride Marches with the advent of social distancing. We will also be talking to Scott Green, chairperson of Galway Community Pride, they will be talking about resources the LGBTQ+ community can use. Plus health and wellness tips and Q & A and special guests from on & off campus.



Wednesdays 2pm - 4.30pm

Presented by Aislinn & Mary

Mary and Aislinn will face new craft challenges each week, From gardening to origami, send then in your craft successes and epic fails, pick up a new skill you never knew you wanted. Join them for Pet Corner, yes animals coming live to you weekly, why not bring your pet along for a show and tell. Plus special guests sharing their favourite pastimes.

This Week


Wednesday 17th


This Week on Get Crafty Aislinn and Mary will introduce pet of the week, we have speical guest maeve form Bushypark Vets, Colin and Caroline will be back with more highlights from Merlin Woods,  In kitchen cupboard beauty Aislinn will show you how to make refreshing sheet masks. Entrepreneurship Society will tell us about their Bee Project and will host our Chill Zone this week's with fun and games.



Thursdays 4pm - 6.30pm


Presented by  Riona & Kate 

Each week we will feature a Big Question, with guest speakers, join a break out rooms for brainstorming to find the answer. Kate & Riona will also Debate on a topic set by the audience. Join in on our weekly Quiz to win a prize. Plus check out our Theatre section where we will review online theatre and see what is happening in the world of theatre during lockdown

This Week


Thursday 18th


Join us for this week’s BIG Question is “Is it possible to have a meaningful volunteer experience Virtually?”,  Our guest is Janic Schulte from Cell Explorers. If you want to join in the live demonstration you will need the list of  items, children very welcome*. We will also feature the hugely popular, “Little Question”, where Kate and Ríona debate all your favourite pet peeves! This weeks’ topics are Evolution V Creationism, Head over to our twitter (@SocsBoxNUIG) and have your say on what we’ll be debating! Our Theatre corner will also be in full swing with reviews and monologues, and the lovely folks at Dramsoc will be hanging out in our chill room for fun and games.!

The list of items needed for the DIY Banana DNA extraction is as follows:

  • 1 Large glass

  • Salt 

  • Water

  • Teaspoon

  • Liquid Soap

  • Half a banana

  • Plastic sandwich bag

  • 1 coffee filter

  • 1 toothpick

  • Methylated spirits (available from chemists or hardware stores

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Format of the Shows:


The first half hour will be feature getting to know our audience and our competitions/ games. The second hour will feature our guests & activities, For the last hour you can stay for a chat & catch up with friends in our chill room, each chill room will have a host. 


How to participate in the show.

The shows take place in an open zoom room, you are welcome to join, You can join in the activities or turn off your video and watch the fun. Please keep your mic on mute, unless invited b y the host to unmute. You can join at any stage of the show, leave at any stage and return to the show. click here to see how to join a zoom meeting Please note the hosts reserve the right to remove anyone from the room. By joining the room you agree to our terms and conditions. In the room you can use the chat function to comment to everyone or privately to the host. If you wish to participate raise your hand, You can react by using the thumbs up, or hand clap icon, or post a question to the host in the chat. You can ask questions. If you are invited to speak please remember un-mute yourself. After the first half hour the show will be recored until the chill room starts, if you do not wish to appear on camera turn off your video. Note the guests and hosts will be on spotlight so it is their faces that will appear in the recording. DO NOT Post the zoom link on social media, when you enter you will be in a waiting room until admitted. 

Socsbox live Programme Archive

Socsbox live Programme Archive

Socsbox live Programme Archive
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